Placement Services Software

Submit Candidate Technologies helps Staffing Agencies in offering recruiting services to their customers through a vast network of experienced recruiters. Our platform offers a complete full services back office solution and allows agencies to take care of all the major details concerning their contract placements while giving the recruiting community an opportunity to work with a wide-range of employers.

Through our platform, recruiters get to work with a variety of clients across the nation, never stuck to regional recruiting orders and overworked databases. This platform allows the true recruiters to shine.

The three prime profitable reasons for utilizing our services are:

  • The flexibility to make contract staffing a part of your recruiting business
  • Offer multiple opportunities to enhance your job orders, boost client relationships and maintain the overall work life balance.
  • Helps improvise the business bottom line with increased cash flow by utilizing the power of the network.

A Complete Back Office Solution
Enhance your cash flows and reduce the chances of extreme risk. Our clients contracting services offers to handle all the legal, administrative and financial wings of contract placements so that recruiters can center all their attention to recruiting the best candidates. We also provide placement assistance in healthcare, technical and professional areas.

Placement Submission
Submitting a Placement is simple with us. All you have to do is focus on the details of the contract placement send in all the required information to hiring Agency or Employer and you are already a step closer to get your placement checks.

Our software solution entails multiple benefits and helps accelerate you business revenues and development. With direct hire placement services, all you could do is offer limited criteria. Whereas contract staffing can offer many benefits to the recruiters.

Marketing Hub
Partnering with our solution enables recruiters to endorse their capacity to provide contract-staffing services to their customers with specially customized documentation these resources are completely free of cost and can be ingenious.

The contract staffing newsletters provide easy tips, reviews and industry practices as well as legal and economic updates, so subscribe now!

Boosting Careers
Submit Candidate Technologies solution offers a work life balance with weekly commission payments, great opportunities to be on the move around the world and get hands on experience when working on contract placements candidates. Submit Candidate Technologies Contracting services can help professionals soar in their career and achieve their professional directives within the sectors of professional, technical and healthcare contract staffing services.

Employee Welfare
Companies that have made the most of contracting services via our back office solutions have experiences a considerable decrease in their overall staffing expenditure and a great deal of improvement in their staffing agility. On the other hand, they do not need to be burdened with the administrative responsibilities that come bundled with contracting services.