Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you guys?

Submit Candidate Technologies, LLC. We are technology company located in beautiful Austin, Texas. Our address is 7000 N Mopac, Ste 200 Austin, TX 78731. Submit Candidate is an A.I. driven marketplace that directly connects top employers to the recruiting community to fill open job orders with qualified candidates quickly.

Why should I sign up?

One of the greatest feelings as a recruiter is getting a call out-of-the-blue from a respected organization asking you to help them with finding candidates for hire.

That feeling is what we have created here for you. Now you can have that feeling every day you login and for those that don’t know what that feels like, well it’s awesome. If you need more than that, how about these reasons:

  1. You are passionate about recruiting and confident in your skills to thrive on your own.
  2. You desire independence in your day.
  3. You want a steady flow of job orders to work on.
  4. You want unlimited earning potential.
  5. You want to work with a large variety of respected professionals and organizations across the country.
  6. You want to hone your skills and learn new ones as a top quality recruiter.
  7. You want to get paid helping people find meaningful work.
  8. You want to build your own network and not rely on others for opportunities.
  9. You get bored with doing the same thing everyday and love the fast-paced world of recruiting.
  10. You thrive in solving challenges and figuring out how to excel.
  11. You want measurable success that validates your skills as a recruiter.
  12. You know that if there are other recruiters doing it and having success – you can too!
  13. You want to be one of the top performing independent recruiters in the country.
  14. You want your income to match your skills and potential.
  15. You want to join the hottest and fastest growing recruiter platform on the market today and earn residuals from placements in the staffing industry! 🙂
How do I get started?
Is there a start up fee?

No. We want you to have money to expand your business. This is about you making more money as a vendor partner and helping to place candidates on open job assignments.

I don't have a business, can I still sign up?


What kind of money can I make?

Placement fees range from as low as $2,000 to as high as $15,000. The majority of opportunities are for contract assignments typically 13 weeks in length. 75% of the placements get extended or renewed and you earn the residuals as well on those.

Let’s assume you have 10 candidates on contract assignments for 13 weeks at an average placement fee of $3,000. That would equate to $30,000 in fees to you during the 13 weeks. Assume you also get one direct placement during this time for $8,000 and your total income for 13 weeks would be $38,000 not counting the residual income for the rest of the year. 

Placements fees are paid monthly to you for the previous months work that your candidate performed. They are sent to you via digital check.

How long does it take to start getting paid after placement?

If your candidate started working today, you will see your placement fees start in 30 days and then every 30 days afterwards.

How much capital is required?

The amount you spend or do not spend is up to you. With that said, the top performing recruiters have access to LinkedIn’s recruiting tools, Resume databases and job posting services with Indeed, Ziprecruiter, Careerbuilder, Monster, etc…and they run social media ad campaigns. They feel the R.O.I is worth it and you should too!

What types of Open Jobs are there to fill?

Right now the vast majority of the open jobs in the platform are in the healthcare industry. Healthcare is the fastest-growing sector of the U.S. economy, employing over 18+ million workers. There are thousands of open jobs in the top hospitals and healthcare institutions around the country. There are literally hundreds of different open positions that may be posted at any given time. Positions such as:

  • Nursing Services Professionals: Nurse Practitioner, Director of Nursing, Travel Nurses, Registered Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Certified Nurse Assistant, Licensed Practical Nurse, Healthcare Technicians, Certified Home Health Nurse Assistant, Medical Assistants, Patient Sitters 
  • Mental Health Professionals: Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Technicians(LPT) ,Licensed Clinical Social Workers(LCSW), Psychologists, Social Worker (BSW), Social Worker (MSW) 
  • Rehabilitation Therapy Professionals: Occupational, Physical, Speech and  Respiratory Therapists/Assistants/Aides
  • Laboratory Services Professionals: Phlebotomist, Laboratory Medical Technologist, Clinical Laboratory Scientist  
  • Pharmaceutical Professionals: Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technician  
Do you provide any training & tools?

No training and tools provided, so you will need to be confident in your skills as a recruiter and understand the basics of recruiting.

(or just use Google to learn more) 🙂

Will there be other open jobs to fill that are not in healthcare?

Yes, we are working on expanding the platform into other industries such as I.T., Manufacturing, Finance, Logistics and more. 

As an approved recruiting vendor you will have the opportunity to work on filling any of the open jobs in any of the industries that are available.

What are the opportunities?
  1. Multiple agencies, 1000’s of job openings and you. Okay, not trying to overwhelm you, but you get the idea. The opportunity is tremendous!
  2. Local Contract Assignments. These are 8 to 12 weeks in length and full-time positions.
  3. Travel Contract Assignments. These are 13 to 26 weeks in length and full-time positions.
  4. Direct Hire. One time placements with our clients for a fee.
  5. They are a mixture of direct and vms relationships.

It will be up to you to source, recruit and submit these candidates for credentialing and placement. As of now, our dominant openings are in the healthcare industry. Our goals is to open this platform up to other industries such as I.T., Manufacturing, Finance, Logistics and more.

What's the best way to find Candidates?

We obviously do not offer training or advice, but can tell you that whatever you have used before in your recruiting would be the same here.

If you have access to the top job boards (indeed, LinkedIn, Careerbuilder, etc), job placement websites, social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc), texting services, data lists, your own network, advertising and referrals are what we see the most of…

You need to have a good understanding of sourcing and recruiting. 

Who pays my commission to me?

Your commissions are released by Submit Candidate Technologies, LLC via digital check. 

Is this 1099?

Yes. This is for individuals, professional recruiters, firms, staffing agencies, independent recruiters, LLC’s, S-Corps, Sole proprietors.

Please not that if you reside in California, New York or New Jersey you must be an licensed entity (ex: LLC).

How is the split determined?

There is no “split” as this is not a split placement opportunity. When you login you will see the actual placement fee the agency is paying for a successful hire. You get 100% of the placement fee as long as your candidate is hired and working.


Do you offer direct deposit?
All placement fees are sent via Digital Check to the email address you use to register upon signing up. The digital check is just like a normal check. You can print it and mobile deposit if your bank allows or have it wired to you. Your choice.
How do I get started?
Contact us through our website, call us, email us, smoke signals, carrier pigeon or snail mail. It is up to you.
How long does it take to get started?
While there is a little bit of learning and preparation involved on your end, this opportunity is set up for quickness. We are ready to go if you are!
Is my territory protected?
No. We have 1000’s of jobs and growing across the country. You can place candidates where you would like.
What experience and/or qualifications are necessary to be a partner?
You need to be a good recruiter. We can’t say this enough. Integrity is everything to us. Let’s all do the right thing and take care of our relationships.
What are some of the tools provided in assisting with the recruiting process?

Aside from the full listing of all available jobs nationwide, full pay and job descriptions of each opening as well as a fully functioning support desk, the Submit Candidate platform is an advanced submission platform that tracks your candidates status from start to finish. It has multiple tracking mechanisms so that you are never in the dark about your candidates status. 

What are the top reasons a candidate will get rejected?
The number one reason we see candidates get rejected is that they do not meet the qualifications of the job description. This is basic recruiting 101, so if you are confident in your sourcing & recruiting abilities you should not have any problems.
What is the timeline between submitting a candidate and getting paid for that candidate?

You can see placement fees to you in the following month after your candidate has started working.

Who handles all the aspects of hiring, compliance/credentialing and if necessary any discliplinary actions to the candidate?

All candidates are hired as W2 employees of the hiring agency posting the job and they will take care of those functions as well.

Will I need to wait for job orders to be sent to me, or will I have access to all job orders all the time?
All jobs are updated daily and you will receive notifications that new jobs have been added.

You will also always have access to the jobs. Simply login and there they are!

What is the average amount of job orders you have open on any given day, week, or month?

A lot. There could be 2,000 to 5,000 open positions on any given day. There is more than enough for you to make great money and always have opportunities.

Is there a limit to the amount of job orders I can work at a time?
No, you can work as little or as much as you would like and can handle.
Will I be given a direct contact, or assigned someone specifically that I will be working with in placing my candidates?
Yes. Once you submit a candidate the Representative for that job will get involved and assist your candidate with the onboarding while keeping you in the loop throughout the entire process. Your candidate will never end up in a blackhole!
Is there anyone else I would be regularly interacting with, besides the candidate and whom ever I will be contact with in placing the candidate?
There is a fully functioning support desk that is monitored constantly to answer any questions you may have about a job or canddiate.
What follow up is necessary after I submit the candidate?
Obviously we want you to maintain communication with your candidate and keep the relationship secure, but the agency will be point of contact after submission.