Who Are We

We are just like you. Our vision is to lead the global recruiting revolution via our platform of open jobs, innovative programs and purposeful people. We know we can’t do this alone. Achieving our vision requires partners. You can partner with us by joining our community of Recruiters and leading meaningful change in your own community.

The Executives, Recruiters and Companies behind Submit Candidate Technologies are real people, whose lives have been enhanced and enriched through our unique platform. They have made it their mission to spread the word, fill the open jobs and empower not only their candidates to live happier and healthier lives every day, but theirs as well.

The compensation plan rewards Recruiters through commissions, incentive trips, super bonuses, leadership retreats, and much more. Our compensation plan is designed to empower you to have greater financial freedom, control your day the way you want and supplement your income without limitations.

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