How Does This Work


When you decide to sign up, you get access to a recruiting platform of open jobs. Inside the platform you will find all the open job orders from highly respected instituitions around the country. You can submit viable candidates for these open jobs nationwide.

Once your candidate is submitted, you will have full access to view the status and interact with the hiring company all the way through to your candidate starting their assignment. Once your candidate has been placed, you will receive the placement fee for that candidate. Whether it was a direct placement or contract assignment.

You are responsible for finding (sourcing & recruiting) and submitting qualified candidates that meet the hiring criteria of the open job description.

The employers of the open jobs are responsible for the following:

Agency Business Development Teams which will bring the Clients signed contracts with 1000’s of Open Jobs and more coming daily

Agnecy Credentialing Teams, who are comprised of efficient compliance specialists that will credential your candidates to the employer specifications and get them hired quickly.

Agency Payroll Teams, will pay your candidate while on assignment. All Candidates are hired as W-2 employees of the represented Agency.

Agency Risk & Compliance Teams, will handle all state regulations, insurances and workers compensation coverage nationally.

The Compensation Teams, will track and report on your submissions as well as process your commission checks through our accounting department.

The majority of these assignments are for short-term assignments such as 13 or 26-week contracts. Pay packages, job descriptions and details are already supplied for you.

You, as the professional recruiter will be responsible for sourcing, recruiting and submitting qualified Candidates. The Agency representing the Open Assignment will assist your candidate with the on-boarding, credentialing, placement, payroll, as well as the billing to the Clients.

After payment is collected, your profit is dispersed to you. As long as the Candidate is on a particular assignment, you keep get paid the residuals!

What Are The Benefits of being a Recruiting Vendor?

  • Our Agencies have a track record of success
  • Our Agencies have a strong brand
  • Ongoing operational support for your submissions
  • Promotional material for your submissions once on boarded
  • Risk Avoidance to you or your company
  • You have independence in your day
  • Zero franchise fees.
  • Excellent reputation
  • The agency covers the payrolls and you share in the profits!