Recruiting Database

Recruiting Database

The vital purpose of Staffing Branch is to share information and data among its members. It is the most potent tool of transforming any business. It is marked by the compliance of the recruiters towards shared data and how keen they are to facilitate it for split placement networks with each other.

At Staffing Branch our recruiting database is categorized into three unique segments, firstly the MEGA Candidate database required by the recruiters, Secondly the Split Jobs database, shared by recruiters and employers alike and finally a Recruiter database in general. Each of the above mentioned databases are explained below:

MEGA Candidate Database
The MEGA candidate database is a storehouse of more than a million candidate resumes and gives access to Staffing Branch recruiters and network members to browse these. It is an influential and innate tool to help enhance the ability of recruiters and employers to help source candidates for most of their open job positions and minimizing their turnaround time.

Split Jobs Database
Our technologically advanced split job database system has at its best shared around 2000 open job orders with its Staffing Branch members. These job orders stand pre-qualified by the placement recruiter, who also keeps ready a JDS (Job Order Data Sheet) comprising a detailed job description. Apart from this, the Staffing Branch networking members also receive due notifications via email and mobile alerts when any of their split order are added to our system.

Recruiter Database
In the Recruiter Database, the members of Staffing Branch feel free to share their information and company profiles. This important data includes the industry specific services they cater to. It also includes the profiles of strategic contacts and their information apart from other recruiters and researchers, their ideologies and work styles and their working preference with other recruiters. Through this recruiter Database, the staffing Branch members are able to distinguish other recruiters who work in the same forte and develop working partnerships with them.

All the above segments of Staffing branchs Recruiting database is rich pool of valuable data where the network members make use of the resource which in turn helps them provide greater value to their clients.