Split Placements

Split Placements

Split Fee Recruiting Network
At Staffing Branch, our split placements are our pillars of strength and success. We provide Split Fee Recruiting Placements where if one recruiter has a job order in store, the other recruiter can be valuable in providing the candidate supply. The job order recruiter often termed as the importer takes the candidate required for the job position from the Importer or the candidate recruiter offering constant candidate supply is termed as the exporter of the candidates.

A complete split placement takes place when the importer provides the candidate supplied to them by the exporter to their client. As agreed on document the job order recruiter then provides the candidate recruiter their percentage of the placement fee.

At Staffing Branch split placement, the recruiters involved would be liable to pay a brokerage fee of 6% i.e. 3% from each recruiter, providing each of them a 47% of the placement fee in total.

Perm or Direct Hire Split Placements and Contract Split placements.
We at Staffing Branch offer two wide varieties in split placements- Perm Split Placements and Contract Split Placements. In most cases, we engage in perm split placements also referred to as Direct- hire split placements. The job orders allied to these placements are usually direct to hire job orders i.e. The company issuing the job order wants to hire a full time candidate and not a temporary worker. The characteristics of a perm split placement are similar to that of a perm placement without a split. In this, the client services agreement that the job order recruiter has with its client dictates the placement conditions. For instance, if any job order recruiter adheres to a 90-day replacement then that guarantee stands applied to any perm split placement with the candidate recruiter as well. Almost 90% of the split placements made at Staffing Branch are Perm Split placements.

Contract Split Placements on the other hand are different from perm split placements, as these are associated with contract job orders. These are quick to process and do not take much time. They usually crop in immediate situations in a contract job order. In most situations a contract worker starts early than a perm worker. Similar to a perm split placement both the recruiters involved i.e., the job order recruiter and candidate recruiter split the placement fee from the client in the event of a contract split placement. In these, the recruiters can split the fee only after it is dispatched through checks. However if the contract split placement is managed by a back office such as ours at Staffing Branch, then the back office will manage all the financial, administrative and legal issues including provision of separate checks to each recruiter.